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Bridal Contract


Hello and thank you for considering Beauty by the Bay to be part of your special day.  Our talented staff of stylists and technicians are standing by to make sure that your bridal party will be Picture perfect.  We hope you will find our services truly first class, and our prices affordable.  Lets get started.




The brides consultation is essential for a successful event.  The bride should plan for a 2 hour visit for a complete trial of hair style and makeup options as well as nail style selection.   The consultation should be scheduled at least 3 months prior to the wedding day if possible. 

Wedding Day Services

Beauty by the Bay will do everything possible to ensure that you leave our salon ON TIME for your next appointment, and happy with the services received.  The one thing which is absolutely crucial to success is your arrival at the agreed time for your appointments.  Based on the information on your order form and your consultation we will agree to the best time for your arrival.

If you plan for Mani Pedi or Skin Care Services we recommend that you plan those services for 1 day before your wedding. A Mani Pedi and a complimentary glass of wine in the afternoon before your big event will have you in the right frame of mind for the evening festivities.

Please shampoo your hair the night before your scheduled appointment.  We do not recommend shampooing the day of wedding.  Please ask all your bridal party, who will be receiving service, to avoid shampooing and using styling sprays or gels the morning of the Wedding as sprays make the hair hard to curl and style.

We recommend face waxing no less than 4 days before the wedding day.

Off Site Services

Beauty by the Bay can offer to attend the Bride (and bride’s maids) at your home or hotel but only within a 10 mile radius of North Beach.  We are unable to offer Nail Services or Skin Care Services off site, but would be happy to have you visit our shop where we can take proper care of these services.


The Bride assumes the responsibility for gratuity for all members of the bridal party receiving services.

Our Cancellation Policy

Should you decide to cancel your services you must do so at lease 2 weeks prior to your scheduled appointment.  If you choose to cancel the costs of any consultations are non-refundable and a $100.00 booking fee will be charged.  The remainder of the deposit will be returned to the same credit card account that was originally used.  A cancellation of less than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled appointment will result in the forfeiture of the entire deposit. 


Bridal Services Price list

                                                                                                            @BbtB           Off Site

Bride initial Consultation and Trial

Bridal Hair Consultation                                                               $60.00          N/A

Bridal Makeup Consultation (normal)                                      $60.00          N/A

Bridal Makeup Consultation (Air Brush)                                  $70.00          N/A


Services for the Bride only

Queen of the Bay Bridal Package                                             

            The full bridal package includes

                                Final hair and makeup          145.00 and up

                                Shellac French Manicure        35.00

                                Spa Pedicure                             37.00

                                eyebrow styling (tweezing)    10.00

                                                                        Total       227.00

                                                            Total Package Price           $227.00        +25.00

Total package with Air Brush Makeup             $252.00        +25.00


(Note: only hair and makeup services available off site)


A La Carte

Bridal Up Do                                                                                                $80.00          +15.00

Bridal Normal makeup                                                                 $70.00          +15.00

Bridal Air brush makeup                                                              $95.00          +15.00

Half up / Half down                                   Starting at                $65.00*        +15.00


Services for the Bridal party

UP Do                                                                                                            $70.00*        +15.00

Makeup                                                        Starting at                $60.00          +10.00

Airbrush makeup                                                                           $80.00          +10.00

Half up / Half down                                   Starting at                $60.00*        +15.00

Shampoo & Blow dry                                                                    $35.00*        +15.00

Blow dry straighten/flat iron                                                      $45.00*             +15.00

Shellac French manicure                                                              $35.00                      N/A

Spa Pedicure                                                                                   $37.00                      N/A

Eybrow shaping                                                                              $10.00                      N/A

Lip waxing                                                                                        $8.00                         N/A



*prices may vary depending on the length of hair



Beauty by the Bay will require a 50% deposit when appointments are made.  The balance is due 14 days prior to the date of your appointments. 

Brides Name: _____________________________________,Date of Wedding______________


Phone: (H)______________,(C)____________,E-mail:_________________________________


Location of wedding_______________________, Time to depart salon ___________________


Payment type:  ___________


Credit Card #:_____________________________________, exp:___________,cid:__________


                                    Name                                   Length    Service                                           Price






Brides Mother





Mother in Law





Maid of Honor





Bridesmaid 1





Bridesmaid 2





Bridesmaid 3





Bridesmaid 4





Flower Girl






















Please add any additional requests on the reverse of this form.

Please mail or deliver your completed form 6-9 months prior to your wedding day.


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Brides Signature_________________________________________, Date__________________


Deposit amount:______________________, Date collected_____________________________


Balance amount:______________________, Date collected_____________________________


We promise to provide you with the professional service you want, and do everything in our power to make your special day a memorable one. 

Thank you for choosing Beauty by the Bay